Verandah Terrace
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Southern Casual | Refined Comfort

Before the advent of air conditioning, most Southern homes featured a large covered verandah for welcoming guests and spending time outdoors in the shade. This was also a period without modern refrigeration or motorized vehicles, which meant food was necessarily prepared fresh, with local ingredients. At Verandah, we strive to offer guests a relaxed experience—contemporary and casual Southern fare enjoyed at yesterday’s pace.

The atmosphere is relaxed with a touch of elegance–which means you’ll feel right at home whether it’s your anniversary or just a random Tuesday evening. Bring some friends or neighbors and kick back in our bar with a North Carolina microbrew or a premium cocktail. Set your phone to “do not disturb” and let your drink, meal or date night take as long as it needs to. We’re in no hurry.

Hours of Operation

Open now

Breakfast: M-F, 8-10am

Dinner : M-Th, 5-9pm Fri, 5-10pm

Open All Day: Sat, 8am-10pm, Sun, 8am-9pm

Breakfast 8-10am,

Brunch 10:30am-2:30pm

Dinner 2:30-10pm Sat

2:30-9pm Sun

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